Man, after i get through all of those passwords, click all of those buttons, i completely forget what i wanted to write...



From "Kari" by Amruta Patil

"I wish I could detach my lungs . Every day the city seems to be getting heavier, and her varicose veins fight to break out of her skin. Soon we must mutate - thick skins and resilient lungs - to survive this new reality."

"It is hard to fathom the exact composition of the smell. It must have something to do with the city's digestive system. When a digestive system is unwell, it poisons the body with toxins of its own making."

"Looking for your fix of decay again? Go play with people your own age, Kari."

"figs are dark creatures too, skins purple as loving bruises. A fig is one hundred per cent debauched. Lush as a smashed mouth."

"Can palmists read the groves on a formaldehyde baby's palm?"

"I imagine myself in Pegion Girl's place - a split open bag of skin on tar."

"The fear of heights is fear of a desire to jump."


Wilderness tips

"she is suspicious of her own motives." from hack Wednesday by atwood


From "wilderness tips by m. Atwood

"It's a smile that wavers like a gasoline slick on water, shining, changing tone."


From "Weight" by Atwood

"He was so broken, he thought the normal state of the world was broken. Maybe that's why he tried to break Molly: to make her normal. When he couldn't do it one way, he did it another."


"He's the sort of man for whom waiters are a kind of warm-blooded tea trolley."


"Dismemberment. The act of conscious forgetting."


The bog man

"His two cut off feet were placed neatly beside him, like bedroom slippers aiming to be put on."


 "His reflection there has a watery look, as if a lake bottom with decaying leaves on it is visible in glimpses beneath him, beneath his face and the whiter skin of his torso"


From "Isis in darkness"

" she was like a child sleepwalking along the roof-ledge ten storeys up. He was afraid to call out in warning, in case she should wake, and fall."


 "He did not write poetry any more. Some days he hardly even thought about it. It was like a third arm, a third eye, that had atrophied. He'd been a freak when he'd had it." (Margaret Atwood)


Native Foods in Culver City

A great place to eat + fantastic service: http://nativefoods.com/
peanut soup and a seitan sandwich with caramelized onions and mushrooms.
pumpkin seed pesto was incredible


how to pass the time with use

tonight's lecture was particularly boring. the pen inadvertently slid down from paper to skin.

there is a special type of inspiration that comes from teacher's mumbling for two hours.


the clock

after 2 screenings i have 2 hours covered: 10pm to11 pm and 12 am to 1 am. Still a long way to go. We recognized Back to the Future, Good Shepard and Colombo. other guesses?


what's left

I put the pumpkin outside to greet the visitors. The rain washed its eyes away. Sigh



a galaxy beneath your feet

                                                                 a water stream was running down my street


more on angels

                            an angel spotted at the bus stop by LA High. featuring wings and Michael Jackson's rhinestone glove




a tiny piece of mirror on a window sill
has been there since I last saw it half a year ago


Cheeseboro Canyon

The night after the ride I was replaying the trip in my head,
The start of the route in the fields, then the hills, the forest,
an abundance of nature crashing onto my mind.
Another thing that keeps reminding me about the ride is my sore bottom,
the only instance when I actually regret being skinny


Michael entirely out of soda cans

hate soda love pop
a tribute created by a Dan Brown.
didn't notice a single beer can, only ones from soda.
should come back and search more thoroughly.
There must be at least one hidden somewhere:)


a sprout

I live next to the embassy of a politically controversial country. 
On my way to school I see their flag take weird shapes. 


hommade DNA at machine project

DIY scientists were teaching how to extract DNA at home. I don't remember the entire formula, but it was something like this: 

saliva+ contact lens solution to isolate protein + some cleaning liquid + bacardi (which has to float). 

While waiting for the DNA to detach we put the cups on the floor. Then there was a break, so everybody went up to get cookies and beer. I also got up and stepped right on the glass). The whole mix was on the floor and someone's coat... In short, complete waste of DNA, plus it wasn't mine, I felt awful. 


Our neighbours' house got burglarized on Friday. I watched the police operation from my window. 
 the neighbors watching their house

Los Angeles Noir (Akashic Noir)    PS: a relevant read if you live in the area. My LACC professor Dr. Muller happened to be friends with the book's editor Denise Hamilton. Ms Hamilton came to LACC to give a talk, that's how I got the book. I believe there's also Los Angeles Noir 2 that just came out in April, I shall get that one too.
This book can be borrowed from me or bought through amazon, if you click the image 


chickens at the ecovillage

one day I hope to have ones of my own...  
I love this community,more info at http://www.laecovillage.org/

PS: I just added an Amazon app which is actually very smart! 
I can choose which products to let them advertise on my blog. Wow! Here's #1. 
A short story book which made me laugh (and who knows me, knows, it's next to impossible:) 
I loved this book. And it is only $5 from Amazon, cool, click the picture to check it out.
No One Belongs Here More Than You: Stories